​​Hi, I'm Holly 👋🏼

As the designer and maker behind every piece you see here at Holly Go Lightly, these are a few things that make me tick: crafting, doodling and wearing bold statement jewellery.

For me it’s all about colour, asymmetry, bold patterns, creating simple art pieces that stand out, are playful, and physically light ~ because no one has time for droopy ear holes!

As an English Kiwi Aussie (with viking lineage. Yep 😂🤘🏼) - there is no such thing as average - everything for me has always been about bigger, bolder, brighter.

◦•●◉I like colour. A lot.◉●•◦

I have always been fascinated by how colours interact with each other. I notice colour all around me every day and often contemplate the different meanings of various combinations that can be created in space, which is why my favourite thing to doodle are shapes made up from two or more colours interacting together; it’s like meditation....but I don’t need to sit still. Win.

I want to bring the joy I get from colour to my earrings, so others can enjoy them as much as me. Colour should be worn proud and with contrast- it's a way of projecting your inner world outward for everyone else in this colourful world we live in to see.

My earrings are one-off pieces of wearable art

As good things take time, it is important to me that each piece is unique and individual in a world that is flooded with mass produced jewellery.

The very nature of being handcrafted means there are likely imperfections and inconsistencies in my work however I only sell what I would be proud to wear myself. I don't do returns, however if you're unhappy with your earrings please get in touch and we'll work something out. It's important to me that you enjoy them. 😌

All Holly Go Lightly pieces come packaged ready for gifting or to be enjoyed yourself. Polymer clay can be fragile so try not to bend or drop them. And please keep your earrings dry 🙏

See earring care👇🏼

earring care

Let's get ethical

Polymer clay can sometimes get a bad wrap as it's made of polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and liquid plasticiser ~ so I want to reassure you that shopping from my small business is far more ethical and sustainable than buying fast fashion.

It's important to me that I'm doing what I can to reduce my impact, so for every pair of earrings sold, I am donating $1 to plant a tree 🌱

I also hope my earrings have long lasting lives and when your lobes have a change of heart, your clays are regifted or donated on 🙏🏼 

There are other good things I'm doing:

✔ No clay ever goes to waste. I am super resourceful with my scraps ~ no clay ever gets left behind. Damaged or broken clays get up-cycled and reused (or make their way to my wardrobe for a forever life 🙊)

✔ My mailer boxes are made from recycled card, are 100% recyclable and intended to be reused. They are made in Australia by a responsible forestry practices manufacturer

✔ I use 100% recycled and acid free tissue paper intended for reuse

✔ My mailer bags are 100% home-compostable

✔ My shredded paper filler is FSC certified, supporting healthy forests and protecting wildlife, is reusable, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable

✔ I bake my clays in larger batches

✔ I source my jewellery materials from small Australian businesses

I hope you enjoy wearing my earrings as much as I enjoyed playing and creating them

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